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CBR 1940 | 2020


Constructing and refurbishing all types of single-family dwellings, residential and office buildings

CBR carries out its activity comprehensively executing any type of building, both private and public, residential new construction, renovation, refurbishment or special and unique restoration actions.

Single-family homes to enjoy

CBR is committed to the client to make their home where they live their experiences come true. Our houses of the future that are designed in the present are built based on sustainability, responsive architecture, co-living and “green” living. All this is possible thanks to artificial intelligence using home automation. We prepare together for the future.

For CBR, each Project requires particular and special attention that will undoubtedly achieve the goal of creating a home to enjoy without limits. All the details count and the team in charge works for it, collaborating every day with the client and his technicians.

The integration of the construction with the landscape and vegetation is one of our motivations. Therefore, we offer to collaborate in the selection criteria of the landscape project.

Our main desire is that the client allows us to go through together this great experience that is to build their home.


Multi-family projects

At CBR each Project is worked on from the beginning with a special motivation. For this reason, we do not want to miss any opportunity to help create spaces where light, spaciousness, vegetation and sustainability are protagonists.

The details often make the difference and whatever the final destination of the homes or apartments, our team is involved in the particular needs and characteristics of each Project to achieve the objective that the client demands.

Each and every one of the built spaces must be designed to the maximum to obtain the functionality and versatility that they require for their use. Living together in this type of Project must be a pleasant experience and for this reason, at CBR, we have the premise that everything must be very well analyzed before starting the execution of the works.



The space where we develop professionally is a very important place in our lives for CBR. It must be adapted to current needs and executed with the particularities of each client. We are very proud that throughout our history we have helped all kinds of companies and corporations to create this space. (We spend more time at work than at home)

Bank Headquarters, Tourist Company Headquarters, Veterinary Clinics, Hotels, Theatres, Schools, Health Centers, … all of them are part of the great variety of examples of the activity that CBR has developed in its 80 years of History and our desire is able to continue to do so in the future.

Whatever the destination for which a building is designed, CBR executes it with all the guarantees of achieving the objective for which it has been projected. A multitude of clients have already trusted and trust our company to achieve this. Trust and a guarantee of success are always the basic pillars on which we rely.


Professionalism, efficiency and commitment.

Please use the contact form. Our wish is to be able to start collaborating together in your new project.

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