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CBR has been committed to a sound corporate social responsibility policy since the beginning. Its ongoing commitment to society, to its committed team, to its clients, to its suppliers and collaborators and to the environment, has become a fundamental cornerstone of its corporate identity. Very aware of sustainability, pleasant working environments, we think about always facilitating communication, being agile, committed and helping society by constantly innovating. Working at CBR on all these concepts to obtain this high added value.


Ethics governs the management and administration of our business group in which we are committed to an optimal and positive work environment where trust and respect prevail. CBR takes care of its employees as it is known that, if employees are in a positive working environment, he/she will give their best at work. We care about the people to whom the work is undertaken and likewise our collaborators so that all the execution processes flow without being hampered by obstacles.

At CBR what is most important to us is helping to attain a fairer and more equitable society, paying special attention to the most vulnerable groups. That is why we have promoted all kinds of charity events and acts with the objective of fostering the improvement of opportunities for people in special risk situations or with basic needs. Helping is one of our values.

CBR has collaborated and continues to do so actively participating with non-profit foundations that undertake their solidarity-based activity in Mallorca such as the A.F.I.M. Foundation, Spanish Association Against Cancer (a.e.c.c.), Project Man Foundation, Red Cross, among others.

Furthermore, and important, CBR is collaborating with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation by financing housing in one of the poorest areas of India, Anantapur, where one of the world’s most excluded communities, the Dalits, live. As its President Anna Ferrer says: “We believe in people and in the power of action to attain sustainable development and greater social justice”.

Within this commitment that CBR maintains to stand as a company with a sound corporate social responsibility policy, committed to compliance not only with the obligations required by law, but also those which are assumed voluntarily, we have proceeded to the implementation of a series of documents which constitute CBR’s internal regulations, including a Criminal Risk Prevention Model, which is intended to regulate the different areas of action within the company itself and between same and its various stakeholders.

Specifically, within the aforementioned internal regulations adopted by CBR there are two mechanisms which render effective this commitment to ethics and integrity: firstly, our Code of Conduct, which sets out the behavioural guidelines to be followed by the entire organisation and the principles that govern our activity, and secondly, the Ethics Channel, as a tool for channelling any complaint or notification of a breach of both the Code of Conduct and any other CBR internal regulations, which should be addressed to the email address specifically enabled for this purpose, canaletico@bartolomeramon.com

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